The rampancy of prostate cancer, regardless of age (which means even younger men are starting to get diagnosed, too), has brought about concern for men when it comes to their prostate health. Hence, a recent study performed by eHealthMe can help clear the clouds of doubt on anyone’s mind as to what could potentially be linked to the development of this type of cancer, as well as its symptoms.

The study taken into consideration 28 prostate cancer patients (out of FDA’s documented 9,494 cases). There are about 28 prostate cancer patients out of the over 4,000 documented cases (or roughly 0.29%) that are suffering from runny nose. The percentage of developing runny nose seem to increase with age, wherein the study had reported that this condition developed only for men between the age of 50-60.

According to the said study, runny nose is not an indicator of prostate cancer. If you are constantly suffering from this condition, you may now heave a sigh of relief as there is no definitive correlation between these two.

The experts who conducted this study can attribute the development of runny nose to the various kinds of drugs that patients were asked to intake as part of the treatment process. Drug interactions can therefore be the culprit as to why the unlikely runny nose might occur alongside diagnosis of prostate cancer in most men. The acknowledged symptoms of prostate cancer, on the other hand, includes some of the following: weakness, bone disorder, pneumonia, fatigue, difficulty in breathing, hot flush, nausea, and fever, among others.

There are several reputable testing centers that offer discount prostate cancer testing for those who wanted to be checked early. With cancer, the sooner is better. Make sure that you have your test today so you can preserve your health while you still can.

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A stuffy nose is uncomfortable at any age, but the discomfort can increase when we grow older. Just as the body can respond differently to treatments for other ailments, so to can it react differently to intervention for nasal congestion. So before selecting a treatment if you are a senior citizen—or you are helping one find a treatment—it pays innumerable dividends to weigh the positives and negatives of the options available, and to address the unique challenges a senior may face.

Over-The-Counter Medications

Many stuffy noses are the result of allergies or minor illnesses such as the common cold. As such, many non-prescription drugs are available to treat them.

The Risks of Over-The-Counter Medications

Even the safest and best tested drugs carry the risk of interaction with other health conditions or medications. One of the maladies correlated with the aging process is a rise in blood pressure. All of high blood pressure’s own health problems aside, for someone interested in alleviating a stuffy nose with an over-the-counter medication, that elevated blood pressure can be worrisome.

High blood pressure is a reflection of a rise in arterial pressure, as well as a possible stiffening of the

High blood pressure is often contraindicated with decongestant drugs

"Grade 1 Hypertension" by Steven Fruitsmaak

walls of blood vessels. Its roots often lie in these vessel changes, particularly in the arteries and smaller peripheral vessels, as well cardiac output, or the measurement of the volume of blood pumped by the heart. When combined, the heart is forced to pump more blood through these altered vessels in an attempt to provide the same amount of blood, and thus oxygen and critical nutrients, to the body’s cells.

With so much additional pressure inflicted, it is critical that arteries and veins remain as flexible as possible to respond to any changes. Because decongestants constrict the blood vessels, such adaptability is drastically inhibited. This will exacerbate any rise in blood pressure, and could reach dangerous levels. Unless specifically designed to do otherwise, many easily available medicines can have a worrisome effect. Whether you frequently suffer from congestion or simply want to have a good working knowledge of what medicines will be best if you choose one for relief, seek the advice or either your doctor or pharmacist to be certain of no interactions.

Pharmaceutical-Free Options

Medicines are one of the first things our culture has programmed us to reach for, and there are certainly reasons for us to do so. Keeping the body healthy has become the realm of professionals, rather than the affected human being. Medications, both prescription and otherwise, can cure whatever ails us from the inside out, alleviating either a misfiring of our body’s chemical reactions, the infestation of bacteria, or the results of our own behavior. Medication is far from the only alternative in most areas, and if you are seeking an effective way to treat a senior’s stuffy nose, there are many options. By choosing to alter a few behaviors, a stuffy nose can be either treated or prevented altogether.

  • Saline drops or nasal sprays can begin to flush out the mucus which is causing the stuffy nose.
  • A humidifier, due to the increased moisture levels it provides, will help both prevent and alleviate congestion. Any irritation of the nose will be eased, thus helping the inside of the nose to relax and allow mucus to pass rather than build up in the tight space.
  • If you are able, avoid using a fan whenever possible. Dust can easily build up on the blades and the constant agitation then sends the particles into the air, and consequently into your
    A typical box fan can exacerbate nasal problems by circulating dust and other debris

    A typical box fan can exacerbate nasal problems by circulating dust and other debris

    nose when you breathe. The irritation can easily cause the nasal passage to swell, thus priming the environment for congestion.

For senior citizens, many of the common strategies for combating a stuffy nose are applicable. Those which do not involve medications are particularly useful, as they do not chemically interfere with any prescription or doctor recommended treatments. But even if you choose to utilize decongestants or antihistamines, knowing what to consider will mean you can easily decide on a safe option. So read widely, choose appropriately, and combat that stuffy nose.

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